An Introduction

A brief overview of me, myself, and my blog.

Welcome to SpinMusic/WriteWords, a blog about the music I listen to, both new and old, and the artists who make it. I am no English major, nor do I claim to have any type of skill in writing, but I do have a plethora of thoughts about the music I listen to, and I hope you can listen, read, and enjoy.

First a brief overview of my life concerning music. When I was much younger, as in sitting in the back seat of my mom’s Jeep, I had no control over the music I listened to. My mom would play everything from Country, to Classic Rock, to Contemporary Christian Music. I was powerless to change the dial, so that’s what I grew up on. Around the Fall of 2004, I heard Breaking Benjamin on a late night show. I knew that was what I wanted to listen to. Heavy guitars, thundering bass, pounding drums, singing and harsh vocals (this is all relative to what I had been listening to; see list above), it all resonated within me. Soon after, I had moved (back) to Florida and a church friend invited me to a metal show. I had no idea what I was in for. The line-up was Aletheian, The Agony Scene, and the headliner: Becoming the Archetype. This defined my music taste forever. Deep screams, technical playing, beautiful progression … After that night I spent all my high school years downloading as much death metal, metalcore, and hardcore as I could and going to as many shows around Florida as possible.

Over time, my music tastes would expand. I enjoyed many jazz guitarists and saxophonists, having played sax since the 4th grade. I watched Andy McKee’s “Drifting” video and started finding other like-sounding acoustic guitarists. In the last two years, I dabbled in rap, on the suggestions of  a trusted friend. I’ve gone from thinking if the music didn’t have a distorted guitar that it wasn’t worth listening to, to giving everything a shot and surprising myself with how my music palette has changed and yet still feels the same. If someone asks me what kinda of music I like now, I generally respond with, “I like artists who are insightful or technically proficient with their instruments.” I find that if someone has taken the time to write meaningful lyrics or master their instrument, the music will be great, even if it isn’t something I normally listen to.

With this blog, I hope to write about new music every week. I made sure to listen to as many new releases as possible last year, and I almost felt it was fruitless. As much as I enjoyed keeping up, I didn’t really have a place to discuss my thoughts about all the music I was listening to. Even if only a few people read, I know I will feel better about being able to organize my thoughts. I also plan on writing a review of every vinyl in my collection. I have a decent amount and I want to make sure I listen to it all and take the time to appreciate it, considering the amount of money I’ve sunk into obtaining it. Occasionally I want to write an artist review, looking at the entirety of their catalogue, their legacy or future, and maybe even some personal stories of seeing them live. I will of course take suggestions on albums and artists to listen to for a full review or maybe just an impression.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to come back for more.


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